Thursday, February 26, 2009

Town Map

You pass by an ancient, overgrown forest as you head towards Ver'don. You enter through a gate in the town's walls, passing the guard station to the left. Off in the distance, beyond the guard station, you see a fancy manor house.

If you continue down the central street, you'll find most of the shops and businesses. Ver'don is an important stop on the journey out into the borderlands, and it's surprisingly busy. There are a variety of inns and taverns, one clearly older and busy than the others. In addition, there's a butcher shop, a tailor, and a variety of other businesses.

To either side of the main street are clusters of homes. Off by the town walls, to your right, is an old clocktower. If you wander to it, you'll pass a boarded up stairwell leading down. Once you reach the clocktower, you hear sounds of movement inside. At the base of the tower is an old, crumbling well.

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