Thursday, February 26, 2009

Locations: Complete

Well, I've finished the initial descriptions of the locations. Some of these will surely change as events progress, and I'm sure the story will flesh them all out.

Next is a short description of each character (similar to those given for the locations) and then... on with the story! Yay!

Town Map

You pass by an ancient, overgrown forest as you head towards Ver'don. You enter through a gate in the town's walls, passing the guard station to the left. Off in the distance, beyond the guard station, you see a fancy manor house.

If you continue down the central street, you'll find most of the shops and businesses. Ver'don is an important stop on the journey out into the borderlands, and it's surprisingly busy. There are a variety of inns and taverns, one clearly older and busy than the others. In addition, there's a butcher shop, a tailor, and a variety of other businesses.

To either side of the main street are clusters of homes. Off by the town walls, to your right, is an old clocktower. If you wander to it, you'll pass a boarded up stairwell leading down. Once you reach the clocktower, you hear sounds of movement inside. At the base of the tower is an old, crumbling well.

Dramatis Personae

This is the list of characters. It'll grow as we right it, so check back if you feel the need to.

Anna: A girl new to town, she lives in the town's clocktower.

Edwin The Bold: The prince of the land, he has fled to the borderlands for reasons unknown. Some call him the prince-in-exile, and he lives in a manor house adjacent to the guard station near the town walls.

Ned: The kindly tailor's not the most intelligent fellow, but his perception is often shockingly accurate. He's usually found on his stool, working in his tailor shop - it's there he feels most at home.

Old Bruisk: The old tavern-keeper, he's considered a wise elder and leader around town.

Orgon, Captain of the Town Guard: This middle aged man spent his youth at a border outpost defending against invaders. He returned home to lead the town guard, and resides in the guard station. He can often be found pacing the town walls, looking like a hawk for threats imagined and real.

The Blue-Eyed Boy: This young man of around 20 can often be found around the old town well - is anyone sure of who he is?

The Butcher: Some in the town like him, while others distrust him. One thing is certain, though: He knows everyone in town, and everyone knows him. He owns the town's butcher shop and lives in an apartment upstairs from it.

The Old Hermit: The mysterious old man who lives in a cave out in the nearby woods.

The Rat King: The half-mad young man who lives in the underground tunnels.


You may be wondering what this is!

It's the story of a town and it's people, and the stories that build between them. Each major location in the town has it's own blog, as well as each major character.

Posts will be placed in the appropriate location as well as cross-posted to the appropriate character. Posts with minor locations and characters will be posted here, as will background information.