Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dramatis Personae

This is the list of characters. It'll grow as we right it, so check back if you feel the need to.

Anna: A girl new to town, she lives in the town's clocktower.

Edwin The Bold: The prince of the land, he has fled to the borderlands for reasons unknown. Some call him the prince-in-exile, and he lives in a manor house adjacent to the guard station near the town walls.

Ned: The kindly tailor's not the most intelligent fellow, but his perception is often shockingly accurate. He's usually found on his stool, working in his tailor shop - it's there he feels most at home.

Old Bruisk: The old tavern-keeper, he's considered a wise elder and leader around town.

Orgon, Captain of the Town Guard: This middle aged man spent his youth at a border outpost defending against invaders. He returned home to lead the town guard, and resides in the guard station. He can often be found pacing the town walls, looking like a hawk for threats imagined and real.

The Blue-Eyed Boy: This young man of around 20 can often be found around the old town well - is anyone sure of who he is?

The Butcher: Some in the town like him, while others distrust him. One thing is certain, though: He knows everyone in town, and everyone knows him. He owns the town's butcher shop and lives in an apartment upstairs from it.

The Old Hermit: The mysterious old man who lives in a cave out in the nearby woods.

The Rat King: The half-mad young man who lives in the underground tunnels.

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